Sarah Palin's Papoose.

I know, I know, everybody’s talking about O-calm-a and John McBlinky, about William Ayers and Joe the Plumber, about whose attack ads are more negative, whose campaigns are more corrupt, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I’m sick of all of it. There’s two weeks to go until this election, and I’m ready to start talking about what’s really important: Sarah Palin’s baby snuggler. I’m talking about that harness thing she wears to carry her baby around when she’s on the campaign trail. This may be the one nice thing I ever say about Sarah Palin, but I think her snuggler is awesome.


The first time I saw an image of Palin with the snuggler was last week, on the Nightly News. It was just a brief few seconds of footage; Palin and McCain at a campaign event, both of them on a big stage, in black suits, he with a red power tie, she with…a big old baby in a sling. The accompanying story had nothing to do with the snuggler – the newcaster didn’t even mention it – and that’s what struck me as so remarkable. It seems to me that, up until now, when powerful women have had babies, the accepted wisdom has been that you do your best to hide them, and any evidence of them. After all, women want to be Taken Seriously in the workplace, and babies are Not Serious. So you check your jacket to make sure there aren’t any stains from when the baby spit up this morning; you cover those dark circles under your eyes from being up all night. On your desk, a small picture of your little guy or girl is acceptable, but a collage on one wall, or a screensaver on your computer, is not. And please, when you’re at the watercooler, don’t talk about your baby, don’t complain about your husband, and if you must pump, do it in the bathroom, where nobody has to know about it. The message is, and has always been, that you do your juggling act at home, because at work, you’re a worker, and nothing else. Don’t ask me who made these rules, or who declared these judgments, because I don’t know. But my guess is that they got started in the ‘80s, when women wore shoulder pads and floppy bowties to the office, in the hopes of looking more like men.


Please free your mind and read something that is based in facts, not fear and lies. The renaming, the non-heart holding, Muslim, etc., all lies. Let's have an intelligent conversation without the 7th grade gossip and rumors.


cadahl do you know that Michelle Obama wants to change the name of the whitehouse because it offends her? did you know that Obama refuses to put his hand on his heart during the pledge of allegience becasue he used to burn flags by the way? Mcain may be old and you may not like Palin (i am not sure why not) but at least mcain is HERO to this country . He almost died for it once and he would do it again! OBAMA CANT EVEN PUT HIS HAND OVER HIS DAMN HEART FOR OUR FLAG AND YOU WANT TO VOTE HIM COMMANDER IN CHEIF? HOW DO LOOK INTO THE EYES OF THE MOMS WHO LOST THERE SONS/DAUGHTERS IN THE ALL OF THE WARS THAT THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER BEEN IN. PEOPLE VOTING FOR OBAMA ARE MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE! IF YOU DO, GET READY TO SPEAK ARABIC AND ORDER YOUR TURBIN!!!!!


ned7088 --first of all it is not the govts. job to educate your kids and teach them right from wrong-- it is YOURS and i dont feel like paying for it! What does obama being black have to do with anything!!! shouldn't one be voting on what is best for the country as a whole!! Who cares what the color of any ones skin is, or if they are a man or woman? We need to look at the severe issues at hand that we will face very soon. The color of obamas skin is not going to cut it!! why cant Sarah use her family like you say when obama is using is skin color- Has everyone gone crazy???
Maybe sarah is running for vp because she cares for this country and her family and the future.
palin is an angel compared to many other woman in politics. Nancy Pelosi for example. if my daughter grew up and acted like her I would be disgusted! Palin will return some CLASS to this country again. I like her in my opinion


I can't stand Palin. Just my opinion. She is against sex education in school. Maybe is they had sex education her daughter might not have gotten pregnant at 17. I think her ambition is her priority not her family. She must not believe in sex education at home either! Yea, lets use our downs syndrome baby as a vote getter! That little boy needs a mother not a bunch of yelling crowds and flashbulbs! I think it's great that women have come this far, let's not use our family though to get what we want! I'm sorry that is how I see it with her! There are plenty of women who are great role models on how to achieve your goals without using your family! I also think it is wonderful we have an African-American man running for President! It's about time we get out of the dark ages!


Excellent point. I actually like Palin's persona a lot: she boldly combines work and parenting in a way that is quite unique in our society. I find that very inspiring. Too bad her politics are so terrible!!!

Although I like the idea of parenting and work meshing together, in reality I just don't see how it can be done in most cases. When my kids were that age, they were always crying or nursing so there was not much hope of conducting an interview while they were in a sling (although I did have- and LOVE- the same hotsling she has) But maybe most babies are less grouchy!


I can't stand the woman, but I do admire the baby being carried around with her also. I'm lucky enough to work in an environment where men and women have photo collages of their kids prominenantly displayed on every surface, where I place a sign of a milking cow on my door while I pump, and where I can sling my baby around conferences if needed.
What I want addressed though is how the McCain /Palin healthcare plan would impact people with special needs children. Last I heard, Downs Dyndrome was considered a 'preexisting condition' by many insurers, and many families of Downs kids really struggle with healthcare costs.


I missed the snuggler but am disgusted by the thought of it. The ends do not justify the means in this instance. Let's take a special needs kid (or any infant for that matter) and subject him to loud crowds, flashing lights, amplified speech... Sounds like a GREAT parenting decision. What's next? Posing him next to a polar bear? Is there ANY limit to what you will do to get what you want, Sarah?


I hear what you are saying Risa, women *have* come a long way and this would not have been acceptable 10 years ago. But, they used the baby in a cheap marketing ploy to appeal to the women/mom voters. I can't get over that. It makes me sick! I am happy to see her whole family with S.P. supporting her at all the events we KNOW she is a family woman. I think they took it too far.


I love that this piece does not BASH anyone. I just cannot believe how hateful people can be. It's like, disagree with someone's political views - great. That is what America is about. But ripping people apart (particularly women to other women), and that is just Middle School. Thanks for discussing something that's positive for all women - political views aside!
(Independent and eager for this all to be over)


They should have strapped that baby to John McCain.

Mom to 3