Work Your Way
There are many ways to make your work more suitable for your life. If you are interested in formal alternative work arrangements, creative programs offered by progressive employers or just want to inject a little more efficiency and flexibility into your current schedule, you have come to the right place. We hope the information here inspires you to work your way.

What is A Momtreprenuer Anyway?

t’s ok if you have never heard the word “momtrepreneur” or don’t know what one is. The good news is that even if you can’t spell “quiche,” you still know one when you eat it. Likewise, you probably already know a momtrepreneur and have likely been amazed by her ability to multitask, spread energy and hook you up with a piece of gum.


Five Work/Life Benefits We All Should Have And How To Get Them.

Yes, you always had a life outside of work, but the need to leave the office for dinner with friends doesn't instill a real sense of urgency in employers. So pre-children, we put in the hours without complaint. Then we start our families. We mentally create boundaries, we fantasize about flexibility, and we could really use child care assistance. We're still dedicated to our careers, but we need help. more

Stay Marketable While Staying Home With Your Kids.

After trying to juggle both a full-time career and being a mom, I have decided to quit my professional career and become a full-time mom. As much as I feel this is the right decision, I do worry about the impact of this on my career.


Reinventing The Mommy Track.

When Kristen Horler was single, she worked two jobs -- as a pastry chef and as a fitness instructor. When she married and had her first child, she suddenly wanted a life where going to work didn't mean she had to leave her baby with someone else. more

Yahoo for Yahoo!: Senior Directors of Marketing Sucessfully Job Share.

As Sr. Directors of Marketing at Yahoo!, Hillary Mickell and Andrea Cutright are the Company’s first job share pair, and jointly lead all marketing initiatives for Yahoo’s Network Products Group.


How Flexible Are You?

If you are a professional mom that is feeling over or under-employed, you are not alone.  In between the extremes of too little career and too much, is the panacea of the professional mother, a flexible career. more

Corporate Or Consultant?

We’ve all heard the stories of the friend from business or law school that left their full time job to go independent and is now making twice the money they were in house in half the hours as a consultant. Every working mom yearning for more flexibility has thought about striking out on their own at least once. We talked to Robbie Baxter, the President and Founder of Peninsula Strategies, who runs a thriving online strategy consulting practice in 30 hours a week to hear her story.


Flexibility Profile: Bain & Company Partner Heidi Locke Simon

Heidi Locke Simon, a partner in Bain’s San Francisco office has taken advantage of a full range of flexible options, including an overseas transfer, a leave of absence and two part-time arrangements. She currently balances her full-time schedule to accommodate the needs of both her family and clients.


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