Work Your Way
There are many ways to make your work more suitable for your life. If you are interested in formal alternative work arrangements, creative programs offered by progressive employers or just want to inject a little more efficiency and flexibility into your current schedule, you have come to the right place. We hope the information here inspires you to work your way.

Is There A Future For Work/Life Balance?

Ever wonder how your experience of work and parenthood fits into the larger trends of today’s culture? If your daily challenges are more common than you think? more

Second Child: The Straw That Breaks The Working Mom's Back?

Is having a second child the straw that breaks the working moms back? First, the facts -- according to the US Census Bureau: 63% of women college degrees and infants are in the workforce today. And the average number of children American women have is 2. more

Calling all soon-to-Be Moms: Prepping for Maternity Leave, Your Pre-Baby To Do List

Sometime during your third trimester, your attention shifts from heartburn-minimizing snacks and slimming extra-large maternity tops to life beyond pregnancy. Or if you’re adopting, you’ll have the same sense of urgency in the weeks before your big call. Your impending transition to parenthood comes into focus—and the view can be a little daunting. more

Full-Time Tricks.

It’s all well and good to read about people who can choose to work or not, or work part-time or from home because they probably have a partner that makes enough money to support the family. more

The Perils of Part-Time.

Sometimes, I feel like a machine: the laundry, the blog, the email,
the homework, the grocery shopping, the birthday party planning, the
research reports--and that's just what I've done since I arrived home
at 6:30 tonight. more

Reentering the Workforce after Having Children: The Internal War Women Wage with Themselves

Forget about the Mommy Wars — the supposed battle between stay-at-home and career-oriented mothers. Watch out for the battle going on closer to home: the internal debate of deciding which option is right for you. more

How to Cut Childcare Costs.

Kids. Cute? Yes. Cheap? Definitely not. And in the world of oversized kid-expenses, childcare generally tops the list. The average family spends 7% of their annual income on childcare, and it’s often the second highest household expense after housing. While most industrialized nations offer childcare subsidies and supports, we foot the bill ourselves. more

Getting High or Getting By?

Women who telecommute, at least part time, tell me, "I have a killer job." The pièce de résistance of their professional setup? "I can work from home when I need to. I can bend my work schedule around my child's needs. "Turns out, that's a mixed blessing. It's a killer job, all right--and it's killing them.


Working Moms' Part-Time Preference.

A new study by the Pew Research Center shows that some 60% of working mothers want to work part-time. That’s up from 48% in 1997. I understand where these moms are coming from. For the past seven years, I’ve worked three days a week.


Make Work and Breastfeeding Work.

Breast feeding can be complicated even during maternity leave, when you have all day to master an effective latch-on. Then you head back to work, and it gets even crazier. But never fear. If you want to continue nursing, you can. more
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