Work Your Way
There are many ways to make your work more suitable for your life. If you are interested in formal alternative work arrangements, creative programs offered by progressive employers or just want to inject a little more efficiency and flexibility into your current schedule, you have come to the right place. We hope the information here inspires you to work your way.

Return to the Workforce with Ease.

Returning to work while you have an infant/toddler baby is most often described by moms as stressful, difficult, emotional and exhausting. How could it not be? Suddenly you're facing new challenges, having new experiences, taking on new responsibilities (above the already staggering ones you maintain as a parent). more

Total Reinvention: A Legal Stylist.

In my past life I was a corporate lawyer at Jones Day, one of the largest international firms in the world. I've always loved fashion, but coming from a suburb of Detroit, Michigan it was difficult to envision really being able to do anything other than become a "doctor, lawyer or engineer." more

When No Could Mean Yes: How to Negotiate a Flexible Schedule.

Ready to make a change at work? Whether you want to work from home or cut back to part-time, it’s never easy to approach your management with a request. more

Do Canadian Working Moms Do It Differently?

Although I am a Canadian working mom, I have a lot of working mom friends in the USA and in England. Recently we had an online discussion about whether working motherhood differs in Canada compared to the rest of the world. more

Those Are Fighting Words.

"Why don't you raise your own children." Yes. I wrote that and then I attached it to a post about childcare in America on a popular pregnancy, baby, and parenting site. What followed was a chaotic inbox full of scathing emails questioning my intelligence, parenting aptitudes, and even my sex drive. more

Go Girl Geeks.

My husband is a techno geek. Okay, he’s probably going to be ticked that I called him a geek but hey, aren’t most guys into everything electronic? Yep. But guess what? So are many women. Gasp. You heard right. When it comes down to it many soccer moms can kick dad’s butt when it comes to installing the VCR, fixing the computer or programming the kid’s iPod. That’s right, the secret’s out. more

Making Working From Home Work.

As a mom, it’s hard to beat working from home—at least part of the time. It offers increased autonomy, saves wasted hours en route to work and can provide schedule flexibility. Also called flexplace and telecommuting, this arrangement is offered by 30% of employers, according to Hewitt Associates. About five million Americans work from home and over half of small businesses are home-based, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. But is it right for you? more

Freelance Fantasy.

You may be a full-time journalist or brand manager, administrative assistant or graphic designer, speech therapist or CPA, but you’re ready to exchange full-time security for flexibility. Freelancing could be for you. more

Alternate Schedules At Ebay.

Kirstin Hoefer, Sr. Director of Product Management at Ebay, Leads the Company’s Strategic Initiative to Improve the Buying Experience on on an 80% Schedule more

Making Your Onramp Your Opportunity.

Too often stay-at-home moms view onramping back into the workforce as a daunting task, especially if they’re looking to make a career change. If this sounds familiar don’t fret, read on. You’ll learn that onramping can be an opportunity to not only redefine yourself but also create your ideal work situation.



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