Around the Watercooler

Want to commiserate about the Monday back to work blues or get tips on scheduling playdates from your desk? This is the place to quench your thirst for all things work/life related. Watercooler's editorial host is Jennifer Sey, the VP of global marketing for Dockers. She is joined by Vicki Larson, a journalist and single mom who writes at The OMG Chronicles Denise Berger, the global leader of the Women’s International Network (WIN) at Aon Corporation; and Kerry Rivera, a real mom from the "O.C." who is the Marketing and Advertising Manager for Toyota.

My Husband, My Career

I was working happily in a career I loved when I happened to fall in love. This doesn’t appear to be much of a dilemma, and it wasn’t. But then we got married and a few years later I got pregnant and that’s when the first big dilemma popped up: Who’ll watch the baby? more

Anti-Sports Mommy.

Reading the recently released Until It Hurts: America's Obsession with Youth Sports and How It Harms Our Kids, by Mark Hyman, I felt like I was reading the “B” side to my own memoir, Chalked Up. It was the he said to my she said soliloquy on the pressures inside elite level childhood athletics. more

Baby on Board.

I was genuinely interested in the position with the landscape architecture firm — the office was right on San Francisco’s beautiful waterfront; I could commute by ferry! — although it was only part time and quite different than my traditional newspaper experience. Mostly, I was desperate to leave my then-hell boss. So when I was offered the position a few days later, I told my new boss, “Yes.” What I didn’t tell her was that I was newly pregnant. more

I Need a Hero.

I often find myself watching my daughter with my husband and admiring the respect and gratitude she has towards her father and, just as importantly, how much he shows her in return. more

Who You Calling Cheap?

When my first-born started kindergarten, a moment that I met with a mix of joy and dread, I did what a lot of my former career women-turned-SAHM peers did — I volunteered at his school. more

Mom's Day Off.

Recently, I took a couple of sporadic vacation days off work. To relax at the spa? No. To catch up on my stories? Nope. To hit the mall and meet a friend for lunch? I wish. A mom’s day off ain’t no Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. more

Underdog No More

I have a new job. Same company, new role. And while there is not a lot to lose - the brand I'll be marketing is ailing (No where to go but up!) - there is a great deal to gain. I am the global marketing lead for Dockers, a brand that is suffering the pains of the country's economic woes in addition to generally not being on top of its game. more

Divorced Women's Syndrome.

Like many other families, mine has had a few syndromes and acronyms attached to it. But since dysfunction seems to be the new normal, I have accepted whatever’s been thrown my way and worked to make the best of it. One syndrome I didn’t expect to face, however, is “divorced women's syndrome.” In fact, I didn’t even know it existed. more

Hitting the Mid-Way Point.

Are you feeling kind of grumpy? Maybe a little note of despair? Me too. The economy stinks, but many of us are lucky to have jobs. Some of us still go to the gym or participate in social gatherings. Others of us still manage to volunteer our time. We work. We work some more. more

Blaming Biology.

There has been a lot of research lately that I’ve found particularly handy in coming to my defense when I’m forgetful or when I’m clearly acting “like a woman.” It’s nice to be able to blame biology or my brain for whatever failings I may have. more