Around the Watercooler

Want to commiserate about the Monday back to work blues or get tips on scheduling playdates from your desk? This is the place to quench your thirst for all things work/life related. Watercooler's editorial host is Jennifer Sey, the VP of global marketing for Dockers. She is joined by Vicki Larson, a journalist and single mom who writes at The OMG Chronicles Denise Berger, the global leader of the Women’s International Network (WIN) at Aon Corporation; and Kerry Rivera, a real mom from the "O.C." who is the Marketing and Advertising Manager for Toyota.

TMI, Mom!

It had been a rough week, and faced with cooking the last meal of the week for my kids before I shipped them off to their dad’s for a week, I decided to treat them — or was it me? — to dinner out. more

A Third Baby for the Corporate Mama

I’m about to become an anomaly in the office, daring to go where few corporate working women go. This September (or maybe late August if I’m lucky), I’ll give birth to my third child. more

Mothering Isn't a Sport.

The joke around my house has always been that it’s a good thing my sister and I weren’t boys or we’d be total geeks. more

Tired of Work.

When I was younger, I wanted to be many things — a ballerina, until I suffered the humiliation of being the only one in the pre-performance picture who’d forgotten to spray-paint her black ballet slippers silver; an artist, until my parents refused to let me travel the subways to get to the prestigious art high school in Manhattan where I’d been accepted more

80-Year-Old Ankle Blues.

I had surgery on my mangled ankle about three weeks ago. The doctor went in and removed some trouble-causing bone chips and a boatload of scar tissue in the hopes that injections of magic (into a clean joint) would ease my discomfort enough to get me through a decade without an ankle replacement. more

An Unemployed Man, a Frustrated Woman.

I was out on the hiking trails a few weeks ago when a pack of 40-something Nike-outfitted women power-walked right by me. I nodded and said, “Morning,” as I usually do, but they were oblivious to me, deep in a discussion of which I caught a snippet. more

Longing To Wear My New Walking Shoes.

I just purchased a pair of those new Sketcher Shape-ups – you know the ones marketed to improve your posture, tone your butt, abs and thighs and enhance weight loss. Not sure if this is a gimmick, but I figured what the heck, I’ll give it a try. more

The Welcome Mat is Out.

At the supermarket last week, I ran into the father of one of my 16-year-old’s friends. We chitchated about our jobs (like, did we still have them) and the crappy economy, but then, like most parents of high school sophomores, we got down to the real pressing issue: college. more

Finding the Hero Within.

When I’m feeling morbid, as I have been lately given my numerous visits to see my ailing elderly father, I sometimes imagine how my obituary will read: “Longtime journalist and mother of two …” more

OPEN to Emotion.

Though I love memoirs, I’m not a fan of the sports tell all. I generally avoid books with a picture of the author on the cover. They tend to paint a rosy but meager hard work pays off! picture that I find specious and incomplete. more