Around the Watercooler

Want to commiserate about the Monday back to work blues or get tips on scheduling playdates from your desk? This is the place to quench your thirst for all things work/life related. Watercooler's editorial host is Jennifer Sey, the VP of global marketing for Dockers. She is joined by Vicki Larson, a journalist and single mom who writes at The OMG Chronicles Denise Berger, the global leader of the Women’s International Network (WIN) at Aon Corporation; and Kerry Rivera, a real mom from the "O.C." who is the Marketing and Advertising Manager for Toyota.

Gather Around The Watercooler.

Are you thirsty for tips on juggling your career with your family? Do you need advice about the best way to wrestle a childcare crisis while you are stuck in the office? Or do you simply want to gab about the latest post in Around the Watercooler? In the coming months, we will be tacking the thorny issues that working moms face at home and on the job. more