Around the Watercooler

Want to commiserate about the Monday back to work blues or get tips on scheduling playdates from your desk? This is the place to quench your thirst for all things work/life related. Watercooler's editorial host is Jennifer Sey, the VP of global marketing for Dockers. She is joined by Vicki Larson, a journalist and single mom who writes at The OMG Chronicles Denise Berger, the global leader of the Women’s International Network (WIN) at Aon Corporation; and Kerry Rivera, a real mom from the "O.C." who is the Marketing and Advertising Manager for Toyota.

Missing Maternity Leave Already.

In just a few short weeks, my maternity leave will come to an end. more

Heard it Through the Grapevine.

About once a week or so, a coworker and I walk the loop near our office at lunch hour. We chat about the usual things — our kids, our partners, what we’re reading — as we make our way past the wild turkeys and deer, and munching on sun-kissed blackberries when they’re in season. But sometimes we talk about work. more

Maternity Leave – Sweet, But Short.

With baby No. 3 due in about a month, I find myself making final preparations in the office for my brief departure. There are multiple forms to fill out for disability, family leave and getting the baby added to my health insurance after she is born. more

First Year Baby Blues.

As a woman of a “certain age,” I’m much more often in the company of those who are facing marital discord and divorce or hopes of finding love at midlife than those who are giddily walking down in the aisle in white satin and lace (for the first time, that is) and entering the pastel pink-blue world of babies (ditto). more

Maui Wow-y.

I don’t generally take vacations. Even before the recession friendly “stay-cation” became popular (and got a name), I took them. My husband hates to fly and I don’t like being trapped in a Corolla with two kids on long car trips. So we always settled on doing nothing. more

It’s Official: I’m a Minivan Mom.

It’s funny how much your life can change in a decade. In my young 20s I envisioned the next 10 years to bring me a fast-paced career as a journalist, travel and maybe a child or two. I would be fashionable and cool and tuned into the latest trends. more

An "F" in Math.

“My grades came today,” my older son said as I was in the middle of making dinner a few weeks ago. more

I Survived Kindergarten … Again.

My eldest son achieved another milestone this week, graduating kindergarten, and is now ready to embrace full-fledged membership into grade school. Hooray! more

It’s Not Fair!

“It’s not fair!” I heard one of my boys scream to the other one day. From where I was in the house, I couldn’t tell what wasn’t fair and which one wanted to make an issue out of it, but it didn’t really make much difference. more

Oh Baby. Or Not.

I want a baby. I am 41 years old and have two kids already. Ages 7 and 9. They can do most things for themselves these days including but not limited to: fixing their own breakfast (cereal), wiping their own butts (mostly), and putting themselves to bed, albeit past their bedtime. more