In The Spotlight

Back in 2008, you and your chief creative officer, Blythe Harris, rebranded the company as Stella & Dot, after your two grandmothers. What was it about your grandmothers that made you want to name your business after them?


We both wanted this company’s name to reflect the spirit of created and inspired by strong women, and if you think about the generation of our grandmothers they sailed across oceans, got the vote, went to work when their country went to war, clipped coupons, raised families and did it all with style and grace, and we inherited a lot of tenacity from that generation. They forged their own path and we’re still doing it today.


You have said that when you became a mom, you decide you wanted to be a “mom working,” not a “working mom.” What does that mean for you, and how well have you handled running your company, raising two daughters and staying connected to your husband?


The mom part comes first. I’ve been able to do that because I can control my own schedule. I still work very much full time, I travel, but it is on my terms so that I can put my children first. I work my day around being able to be home with them in the morning and at nights. We don’t have meetings at 6 o’clock; I’m home having dinner with my family. I also have an incredibly supportive husband who as made accommodations for our family because it’s incredibly important to us. We’re an equal partnership that we’ve had to evolve.


You stayed home with your first daughter for three months; with the second one, she was at the office with you when she was a week old. Your business is geared for stay-at-home moms, but you are hardly one. Could you happily be a stay-at-home mom?


I don’t know if anyone, frankly, is happy just being a mom. To me, being a great mom isn’t about making every meal or doing every load of laundry. It’s also about being a strong female role model for your children; the two are intertwined and not at odds. An essential part of being a great mom is pursuing your own passions and being an interesting, dynamic growing person that your children have as an example. That’s my core values and something I’ve always wanted. I’m not raising my daughters just to get married and have children. I’m raising them to be strong individuals and they need to see that every day of their lives. My daughters are actively involved in what’s going on in Mommy’s life; they know all about Stella & Dot and they’re very proud.