Are you one of the many women that made the decision to stay home with your kids for a while? Did you stay home, but now you are headed back into the workforce? You can't talk about modern motherhood these days without hearing about on and off ramping. There are many financial and emotional struggles associated with taking the off ramp and different though equally complex challenges with getting on the on ramp. Observations from the On & Off Ramps contain the personal stories of women struggling with these professional and personal transitions.

Wishing The Times Away.

So what do you do when you’re a lawyer, have 2 little kids, a husband who is always working, and no mom to provide support or company? Well, I guess you pull your hair out of your head, try to stay focused and vent your professional energies by keeping a tidy house, cooking a healthy dinner, and saving pennies by cutting coupons.


Working Mom Wannabe.

I have a new job title: Working Mom Wannabe. It has been a strange, bumpy on-ramp for me. Six years of not working (other than raising two crazy, energetic, sometimes too aggressive, and sometimes even sweet boys). And here I sit at my computer, day after day, night after night, trying to find a job, some for which I am far too over-qualified, some far too under-qualified, and most of which are very, very full time. more

Base Camp: The Mountain Climb Onto The On-Ramp Begins.

It all began 6 years ago. I was juggling my full time job as a lawyer with raising my first son, Nicholas, in San Francisco. You can imagine how excited I was to have my dear mom (Nicholas’s “Yiayia”) come and visit. I knew that, for at least a few days, she would relieve my guilt of having to drop my toddler at daycare and would have my house spotless with dinner (Greek chicken with roasted potatoes was her specialty) ready for my family when we got home from work.

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