Are you one of the many women that made the decision to stay home with your kids for a while? Did you stay home, but now you are headed back into the workforce? You can't talk about modern motherhood these days without hearing about on and off ramping. There are many financial and emotional struggles associated with taking the off ramp and different though equally complex challenges with getting on the on ramp. Observations from the On & Off Ramps contain the personal stories of women struggling with these professional and personal transitions.

Laid Off And Off Balance.

Lately my daughter refuses to fall asleep without her cape. I will put her to bed only to hear maybe ten minutes later a little voice calling out for Super Zoey! Super Zoey! And so I creep into her bedroom in the dark and place the cape around her shoulders like Muhammad Ali's coach after a fight. Then, unlike Ali, she is down for the count, zonked more

Time to Make Work Work.

In the course of interviewing for the full time, contract officer job, I had to call my job references. Remember the old boss to whom I cried (a.k.a. Old Boss #1)? He was one of them. Immediately, Old Boss #1 asked, “Do you really want to work full time?” Of course I’d prefer something flexible that paid enough to justify the expense of going back to work (emotional and financial [childcare and work clothes made after Y2K]). But Old Boss #1 was not prepared to offer that deal (at least not now).


The Pickle.

Here is no surprise: the full night’s rest did not un-pickle my dill pickle created by the really full time, really real job offer from the government agency. Onto Plan B: bother your husband and anyone else who happened to be in my bandwidth to discuss (and discuss and discuss again) whether to accept the job offer. more

The Offer.

After months and months, phone call after phone call, new gray hair after new gray hair, I received a call from the quasi-government job. They actually went out on a limb and offered me a full time, real, paying job (with benefits!). What a pleasant surprise (actually, another “shock and awe” moment -- remember this was the “prom” job interview that I was certain I did not get?). O.K. The expression “don’t ask for what you don’t want” was ringing at some really loud decibel level in my little head. Now what? more

Rekindling The Flame.

Recently visiting New York and seeing the Statue of Liberty, I thought of the beautiful torch on that Statue symbolic of “enlightening” the way of those entering the United States. Unfortunately, in my little life, what has not been so beautiful or enlightened lately has been my attempt (note unsuccessful to date) at trying to re-kindle my work “torch” with ex-employers. more

Show Me The Money.

After my six-year hiatus to raise my two sons, I am now attempting to on-ramp. So many people have asked me the “million dollar” question: “Why are you going back?” Hmm. What a difficult question with absolutely no simple answer. more

Carpe Diem: The Interview Part Two.

Tick tock. The day of my “prom” interview has arrived. Recall, I had finally gotten a job interview after nearly a year of searching, day after day, night after night, job board after job board, and after attempting to reinvent my career wheel (law jobs were not the desired gig for a mom needing flexible or part time work). more

The Prom: The Interview Part One.

My attempt to reinvent myself as a non-lawyer had resulted in a job interview (a.k.a. the “prom” job interview) for a big, real job as a contracts officer. This job interview made me feel like a teenager again (and not in a good, rose-colored glasses kind of way). To give you a visual, I’ll rewind 22 years for you. more

Reinventing My Wheel.

How has it become so demanding, so challenging to find a paying job? There is the infamous 6-year cavernous gap in my resume. Yes, all who review my resume say: “This one stopped working to have kids and now expects to have us hire her and give total flexibility.” Strike One. Resume to the shredder. more

PTA Mom: The Working Stay at Home Mom.

Now officially a stay-at-home mom (a.k.a. lawyer who quit her job to be with her family) for a few years, some “professional” bug has infected me. It affects lots of us stay-at-home and working parents alike. It’s called volunteering, volunteering, and volunteering yet again, at your kids’ schools. more

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