Work from Home: The Search for a One Minute Commute.

by Sara Sutton Fell, CEO of FlexJobs


The good news is that there ARE real options for those of us interested in work at home jobs, even in this economy. And not only are they real, but some really excellent opportunities are out there… in line with your career, good paying, and flexible.


My personal work at home job journey began when I was pregnant with my first child. Although prior to that I had been always been a go-get-‘em professional career woman, I had long known that I wanted to work part-time or from home when I had babies. Rushing out of the house to work in the mornings and barely making it home in time for my son’s bedtime just didn’t feel right to me. So, I started my search, knowing from my years in high-tech that flextime and telecommuting positions did exist. I just had to find them.


I looked. I dug. I researched. And I got really frustrated… Sound familiar?


But instead of giving up, I thought about it and realized that there was an opportunity amidst my frustration. So, long story short, I decided to create what I had been looking for – a job site dedicated to finding good, legitimate work from jobs. And of course, I started it from home! Here’s what I’ve learned…


A Land of Work at Home Opportunity


There is a surprising diversity in the types of jobs that can be done in a work from home or telecommuting capacity. This is in large part due to the explosion in popularity and subsequent proliferation of home computers, high-speed Internet access, WiFi, and other gadgets such as Blackberries that enable people to keep well connected.


So, what are the job options? You’ve likely heard about data entry, virtual admin, and call center jobs, but those are just the tip of the work from home iceberg. Here are just some of the other jobs out there:


Account Executive
Computer Programmer
Customer Service
Data Analyst
Editor / Proofreader
Fundraiser / Grant Writer
Graphic Designer
Marketing Manager
Online Researcher
Online Teacher & Tutor
Public Relations Professional
Recruiter / HR Manager
Sales Representative
Search Engine / Web Marketer
Technical Support
Web Content Manager
Website Usability Tester


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This is great advice. I'm making the transition to working from home and it has been challenging finding good opportunities. I did find a business that was featured in Oprah's December online storybooking company -


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Jana Farley


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