Work from Home: The Search for a One Minute Commute.

by Sara Sutton Fell, CEO of FlexJobs


The good news is that there ARE real options for those of us interested in work at home jobs, even in this economy. And not only are they real, but some really excellent opportunities are out there… in line with your career, good paying, and flexible.


My personal work at home job journey began when I was pregnant with my first child. Although prior to that I had been always been a go-get-‘em professional career woman, I had long known that I wanted to work part-time or from home when I had babies. Rushing out of the house to work in the mornings and barely making it home in time for my son’s bedtime just didn’t feel right to me. So, I started my search, knowing from my years in high-tech that flextime and telecommuting positions did exist. I just had to find them.


I looked. I dug. I researched. And I got really frustrated… Sound familiar?


But instead of giving up, I thought about it and realized that there was an opportunity amidst my frustration. So, long story short, I decided to create what I had been looking for – a job site dedicated to finding good, legitimate work from jobs. And of course, I started it from home! Here’s what I’ve learned…


A Land of Work at Home Opportunity


There is a surprising diversity in the types of jobs that can be done in a work from home or telecommuting capacity. This is in large part due to the explosion in popularity and subsequent proliferation of home computers, high-speed Internet access, WiFi, and other gadgets such as Blackberries that enable people to keep well connected.


So, what are the job options? You’ve likely heard about data entry, virtual admin, and call center jobs, but those are just the tip of the work from home iceberg. Here are just some of the other jobs out there:


Account Executive
Computer Programmer
Customer Service
Data Analyst
Editor / Proofreader
Fundraiser / Grant Writer
Graphic Designer
Marketing Manager
Online Researcher
Online Teacher & Tutor
Public Relations Professional
Recruiter / HR Manager
Sales Representative
Search Engine / Web Marketer
Technical Support
Web Content Manager
Website Usability Tester


To include on the list of jobs are virtual assistant, marketing assistant and web and app developer. :)


There's jobs out there for moms like us, takes time to find them, and effort to nurture them, but that's what we do best! The effort pays off when you get to work, and still be the mom you want to be


Working from home is definitely a switch. I have been in corporate environments for over 10 years, mainly doing entrepreneurial work. Now that I am a mom, I decided it was time to be home to raise my kids. Wow - it has been a challenge, but a good challenge. Together with other moms at home (who used to work in professional environments) we formed 5000moms. An entrepreneurial venture for moms at home who want to be part of something that improves women's lives all over the world. It has been a blast! Since working with a team FROM HOME, that has made all the difference in the world for me.


I searched and searched for the perfect work from home opportunity -months actually- til I came across this opportunity. Finally, a legitimate work from home opportunity - it's been 9 month and I haven't looked back ~ I'm home where I want to be.
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The best thing about having a home business is that I get to incorporate my 10 year old son! Hi! I am a mother of 3 who recently became a stay at home mom due to the high child care costs and the low pay I was getting as a paralegal. Staying at home with my children has been the best reward of being at home period. Watching them grow is by far the greatest most wonderful thing in the world and being able to make money with a home biz you love is a great bonus! Just remember that no matter what biz you choose, make sure you do your research and once you commit, DON'T GIVE UP!


Hey ladies! you are correct! Working from home IS amazing! I am a Marketing Executive for an amazing wellness company. We are always looking for ladies to work from home. You can check out my site for more information.


After 20+ years as a corporate warrior, three kids, and a recent layoff, I finally took the plunge and am working from home running a virtual assistance business. You can start one on your own, or better yet, purchase a Cybertary franchise and work with a wonderful team of ex-corporate executives turned entrepreneur. Visit for more information.


Working at home is GREAT!!! Multiple incomes are the way to go. Here are 2 that are working for us.
Noah's Ark Animal Workshop
Iggly Biggly Flip Flops

As Zig Ziglar say..."See you at the top! and If you just help enough other people get what they want, you will get what you want"

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Alison Singer

some of these jobs are not real jobs they are jobs that bring in extra money from a father supported hh...I am an account executive for a tv station advertising sales I have been doing this for the past 15 years..I really would like to use my sales talents to be able to stay home with my beautiful baby girl. I am not adverse to travel if my house could be home base. If anyone can help me out with will get a finder's fee!