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Timesavers Around the Holidays.

The holidays can be stressful and anxiety-inducing, but a little organization goes a long way. Here are some tips from Joanna Zucker to help streamline the process this year and for years to come.




Make lists of what you need early:


Determine how you like to shop. Are you a binge shopper? The type who just likes to take a day and either hit the local shopping area or outlet mall and tick everything on your list? Or are you the type who likes to pick up things as you see them. Either way always have your list with you (consider putting it on your I Phone, Blackberry, Palm or other device).




In early November sit down and fill out your holiday calendar. Think about: work events, events that you host, children’s school events, “memory making” events (ala going to see the tree get lit in town, viewing Christmas light displays, going to see Santa, Menorah lighting for Hanukkah at the Temple or Church events.)


Once you choose the dates for the events you will host, get your invite ready. Consider using: Electronic invite through Evite or other sites, sending your invite out via email to save postage, some trees and time. I like to buy nice decorated paper ahead of time when I see it on sale (Kinko’s and Staples are great places to look after holidays) and print them at home for those invitations that have to be postal-mailed.



Nothing is better than entertaining friends throughout the holiday season; it brings such warmth and joy into your home. Here are ways to simplify it:




Keep your decorations very organized to make putting them up and taking them down as easy as possible.


Holiday Events


Go see Santa on a weeknight. The crowds and lines are exponentially longer on the weekend just adding unneeded stress.


Bring hot chocolate with you anytime you are going to an outside event. It keeps the kids warm and saves you money versus buying it there.


Take advantage of events at the places you have membership to. Our Zoo, museum center and local parks all have big holiday events that are free to us as members. Go as many times as you and the kids want.


If you are Christian, consider going to church on Christmas Eve. It saves the worrying about how to fit it in on Christmas day. This is very important when you have young children who need to eat at a certain time, want to open presents, and require assistance to get dressed. The Christmas-morning rituals and preparation to leave the house can be hard to do before noon.




Use online photo services for your holiday cards. (For more picture tips, check out Hurry up and Say Cheese. [0])

Photo gifts




Joanna Zucker, Associate Marketing Director at Procter & Gamble and mother of three, has launched her first book Millennium Mom [2].

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