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Hurry Up and Say "Cheese."

by Tracy Evans


Unless you’re Martha Stewart, getting ready for the holidays can give even the jolliest of souls a pounding headache. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa – or simply skip right on over to New Year’s – there are presents to buy and cards to send out. Picking out just the right thing ain’t so easy. Especially if you’re determined to send out the perfect holiday photo card. Who hasn’t agonized over shiny faces, out-of-place hairs and fluorescent red eyes?


Perfectionism is just one of the hang-ups that can get in the way of you, photo cards and the mailbox. Procrastination is the other. Every year I say I’m going to send out photo cards and then I don’t. But now that I’m a mom I no longer feel like a Grinch. My daughter just turned two and is obsessed with saying cheese and seeing her snot-nosed face on camera so I have promised to get my act together. And you can too as long as you plan ahead.




Once you snap a mailbox worthy photo it’s time to make the card. Sure, you can head to the nearest photo store but online photo services are the most convenient. I’m relying on my good old friends at Snapfish to help end my procrastination. But there are lots of other sites to choose from.





If I haven’t convinced you to cross “holiday photo cards” off your “to do” list maybe you’ll listen to the PR team at Shutterfly, “Holiday cards in October? It won’t sound so silly come December.” Good point!


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