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Read My Lipstick.

The more I mull over all of the hoopla surrounding the Palin pick, I realize that in our celebrity obsessed pop culture, it was inevitable that we needed a new fix. Obama and all of his stadium-packed, lofty talks of change had us hooked for the past year. But let’s be honest, the political cycle has become a snooze. We needed something new to jazz it up. And as fuddy duddy as John McCain may seem; he was hip to that. He knew he needed to dazzle and not look like such an ancient bore. Why else would a 72-year-old, longtime senator pluck an obscure, attractive female governor from the Alaskan wilderness to be his number two? The McCain team – as out of touch as they may seem – had the smarts to know that Americans love to root for the underdog; and what better than a mom of five and a tenacious and articulate lipstick wearing “Pit Bull” hockey mom? She’s the perfect mix of gritty, conservative, down-to-earthiness that has got voters (and according to polls, mostly women) foaming at the mouths in excitement. Only in this country could Sarah Palin become an overnight rock star. God Bless America!


And just as the Obama family was coming into their own with adorable spreads in People magazine, Palin stole the spotlight. A publicist couldn’t have planned it better. Who knew that Michelle Obama would be trumped as a style icon so quickly? Remember that fitted, black and white belted frock she wore on “The View?” Sarah Palin, the flavor du jour, is showing that just because she can field dress a moose, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have fashion sense. Her Japanese eyeglass frames are now all the rage. But she’s not just sporting cool spectacles, her entire likeness has been captured in three action figures – one of which straps a holster on her muscular thigh and has her decked in black combat boots. While many of us thought the Hillary nutcracker was offensive, apparently times have changed. Hillary worked hard to smooth her tough dog persona; Palin embraces it. She’s got her big brood and special needs baby to show the maternal side to her machine gun toting image. Hillary needed to cry to show she was human. Palin can point to her pregnant teenage daughter to show that all families have issues.


Palin is proving to be a lethal mix. I doubt that McCain even realized what he was getting from the sharp tongued Alaskan, given that she was only vetted 24 hours before she was uprooted from Wasilla and sent to Dayton as his veep choice. Will our ADD society get over the Palin sensation once they realize that she’s untested and not at all ready or suited to be President of the United States? Yes, fellow Americans, imagine Palin for President, our fearless leader in a fearful time when our economy is in the toilet, Iran has nuclear capabilities and the Arctic is melting. With McCain’s advanced age and deadly skin conditions, there is a real possibility that Palin could be breastfeeding in the Oval Office. Has America really bought into Palin as President? Or would buying her action dolls really make more sense? With six weeks to go to Election Day, anything could happen. After all, this is America.



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