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Get Off The Couch With Your Kids.

[1]Staying connected to kids that are in school all day takes some creativity.  Meaningful conversations are all the more important if you are juggling work and family and have limited time for leisurely chatter.  The two savvy women behind www.kidsoffthecouch.com [2] have discovered a reliable and inspirational way to guarantee some real quality time with their kids. 

In between birthday parties and sporting events, they slip their family a little culture.  But the medicine goes down easy because first they show the kids a great movie.  The Kids Off The Couch concept is idea is to show a movie and then get off the couch and go experience something related to the film.  Screening "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" gives context to a planetarium visit and always opens the door to a discussion about how it feels for an alien (or a kindergartener) to be away from home.  You will see how watching "Bend it Like Bechham" is the perfect entree to an Indian meal and a conversation about friends from different cultures.

Each week, www.kidsoffthecouch.com [3] offers a new, family-tested adventure.  Sign up [4] for their free weekly newsletter and cruise through their online archives to find new ideas for bonding time with your family.  It's like talking to your most resourceful girlfriend.  One less thing to worry about, your weekend planning duties are done.  Right now, the adventures are inspired by Los Angeles events and activities, but New York and National editions are launching in September.

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