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Fast and Easy School Lunches That Will Actually Get Eaten.

By Michelle Stern


Our fishing expedition on


Lake this summer was comical. Despite our best efforts, we were unable to catch anything, even though the boat next to us was pulling in fish every time we looked! Clearly, there was something we weren’t doing right. As a man from the next boat yelled over to us, “What kind of bait are you using?” a crazy thought entered into my mind: Feeding children is a lot like fishing – you have to have the right lure, or they won’t bite! Packing desirable school lunches is a lot like the fine art of selecting an appealing lure while fishing. Try some of these stress-free strategies for packing healthy lunches that your fish will bite and not refuse.




Here are a variety of ideas for some fun and interesting lunches. Don’t forget to include fruits or vegetables, protein and whole grains every day.



Sandwich Alternatives:



Make Ahead…



Thermos Treasures…



Container Combinations…for kids to assemble and snack on themselves



Packing an appealing school lunch will lure your children into eating well, and help them to be more successful in school. Don’t be caught with the wrong bait, or your kids might throw it back!


Michelle Stern owns What’s Cooking [3], a SF Bay Area business that offers cooking classes and gifts to children. Their online service, What’s Cooking Weekly, gives busy families recipes and grocery lists for 5 healthy meals every week, along with tips on how your kids can help in the kitchen.


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