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More on the So-Called 'Mommy Wars'

Two national news publications recently ran pieces pleading for an end to "mommy wars," with one writer urging the media to refocus on family-friendly workplace policies, and another telling"narcissist mommies" to stop talking about their work choices.
In a Seattle Post-Intelligencer [1] column, writer Susan Paynter criticized the media's handling of stories about mothers and their work and called for more emphasis on public policies that can help all working moms. "What the media - and more importantly, Congress - need to do
is stop stirring defensiveness over what women 'should' do and bear down on what 'is,'" Paynter wrote. "How to make it better with family-friendly policies. How to put real 'family values' into practice . . . And the fact that family-friendly policies are not only fair, they help the economy."
Meanwhile, over at Newsweek, writer Kathleen Deveny, who derided what she called "narcissist mommies," not only wants an end to the rhetorical war, but doesn't want to hear complaints about motherhood. "The mommy wars are killing me," Deveny wrote. "Raise your children however you'd like. Just please - please - stop telling me about it. Do whatever you want: stay at home with your kids, wear gym clothes all day and make your own organic baby food. Work 60 hours a week, fire your babysitter every six months and communicate with your children via BlackBerry . . . I'm a single working mother, and should be interested in all this, but I'm not."

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