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Ready for Their Close-Ups

Local TV news anchorwomen were the focus of two articles in the Boston Globe and the Cincinnati Enquirer recently, addressing how difficult it can be as an on-air newswoman and mother.
The Boston Globe [1] highlighted the return of a TV anchor who left her Boston station in 2001 to be with her three children. "Her return to broadcast TV is newsworthy, given the number of high-profile departures by female anchors in recent years," reporter Johnny Diaz wrote. "On the national scene, a pregnant Elizabeth Vargas stepped down from the anchor desk at ABC's 'World News Tonight' . . . Jane Clayson, one-time cohost of CBS's 'The Early Show,' also left TV news to be at home." The article also mentioned three other working mom TV anchors in Boston left their full-time on-air posts to be with their children.
The Enquirer [2] article, by contrast, interviewed two current Cincinnati area TV newswomen -- who have small children and both had babies born in May - about working motherhood and what it's like to have viewers scrutinizing their parenting.

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