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Planning for Fun.

My husband see restaurants, music, galleries, bottles of wine, etc. all the time that we want to try…but never seem to get around to them. And it is not just a night out we crave; we really want to have some spontaneous, random nights out like we did when we were younger and cooler. But of course we have all the regular impediments—busy and contrasting schedules, a never ending plethora of household/personal errands, and the attention (we love) to give our kids. Any ways to inject a little bit more fun into our routine without having to plan too much in advance?



As backward as this sounds, spontaneity comes out of careful planning. To break free from the same old same old, you have to make a conscious effort to plan for some fun. And whether you pick a weekend in advance that you’re going to devote entirely to entertainment or if you plan to squeeze in one or two really enjoyable activities every week, there’s sure to be a way to keep the good times from being a thing of the past.


Set Aside the Time. The first step is to set aside the time well in advance. Get one of those poster size calendars from an office supply store and circle a date or, better yet, some dates. Then, no matter what, you and your husband must agree that nothing will be scheduled during those dates. Book a babysitter for those dates as soon as you have them booked – that way you won’t be left scrambling and stressed at the eleventh hour.


Keep Ideas on File. Whether you want a night out or a long weekend, you can create a plan and still find plenty of room for surprises. Collect ideas for things you might like to try on your next date from magazines, newspapers, friends, etc. in one place. It can be a notebook, folder, an accordion file or even a shoe box. Whatever the format, use it to hold any clippings from magazines and newspapers along with those good ideas you and others come up with. By keeping such a file, when you’re in need for a great weekend get away or a nice place for Sunday brunch, you’ll be able to start having a good time in no time.


Surprise Each Other. Take turns with your spouse or significant other being the one to do the planning. Tell him you will do all the planning for the next night out and then just call him at work at tell where to meet you. Next time, it’s his turn. The key is to have that conversation in which you both agree that what is important is that you are spending time together. So, if he is less then enthused that the night out is a poetry reading and you would prefer not to sit through that hockey game, just hold each a little tighter and remember that love is the answer to all your questions.





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