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The Virtues Of The Backwards Dinner.

You’re scheduled for three back-to-back meetings in a row tomorrow morning at work and you haven’t started to prepare. Your partner, who usually does grocery duty, was called out of town on business before stocking up, and the babysitter just called to say she’s out the door the minute you get home. The fridge is empty, but you’ve taken the kids out for pizza one too many times this week - and last week - and the week before.

What’s a working mom to do?

It feels as though your life is upside down and inside out. A gourmet child friendly dinner is not in your immediate future. Let it go. Don’t think of what your mother, or god forbid, your mother-in-law would do or say. This is the time to consider the virtues of the backwards dinner. Breakfast for dinner. It’s quick, it’s pretty nutritious, it’s easy, and best of all your kids will think it’s very cool.

Mix and Match from this Backwards Dinner Buffet:

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