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Brain, Child

By WGlenn
Created Mar 18 2008 - 1:32pm

If you despair of ever getting the time to read a full length book, even a fluffy one, but if articles about what Katie does to turn Tom on leave you slightly nauseated, consider BRAIN, CHILD: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers.  Here (at last) is a publication aimed at women with children that dares to assume we have minds that have not atrophied, that we are capable of probing deeply into issues of concern to us, our families, and the  families of those around us.

Articles over the past few issues have dealt with such topics as whether elementary school anti-drug campaigns really work; what happens to families when a neighborhood is gentrified; the next generation of “Mean Girls”; short term home schooling; cross-cultural adoption;  caring for aging parents; coping at home when Dad goes off to a war. Here are lively, two or three page essays by spirited writers given the time and space to explore issues without either beating them over the head or treating them as if they deserve no more than a sound bite.


Coping with the chaos of our lives surely means finding time to feed our heads, even if nourishment must come in small doses. Keep a copy of BRAIN, CHILD in your bag, in the car, on your nightstand - in the bathroom if that’s the only place you get private time.

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