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Gather Around The Watercooler.

by Lauren Young


Are you thirsty for tips on juggling your career with your family? Do you need advice about the best way to wrestle a childcare crisis while you are stuck in the office? Or do you simply want to gab about the latest post in Around the Watercooler? In the coming months, we will be tacking the thorny issues that working moms face at home and on the job.

As the moderator of the team, I’d like to introduce myself: My name is Lauren Young, and I’m an editor at BusinessWeek Magazine. I work on the 43rd Floor of a New York City skyscraper—with a fantastic view of Saks Fifth Avenue, I might add—four days a week. (But who has time to shop?) On the fifth day, I work at home to spend more time with my toddler son. I have been employed in Corporate America for the past 14 years, and I have rattled many Herman Miller chairs along the way. I’m a contributor to BusinessWeek’s Working Parents Blog [1].


The other members of the Around the Watercooler team have impressive street cred. Sara Fisher is a mother of a toddler son who works outside the home for a major public relations firm. Sara and I have already bonded on many topics, including kid-friendly recipes and the best ways to utilize our caregivers. Sara says she is staying out of the Mommy Wars, but she is happy to enter a debate about why moms should be allowed to wear flip flops to the office. You can read more of Sara's deep thoughts on her blog, Self Made Mom [2].

Elizabeth Horn is a married mom with three kids ages, 12, 10, and, 5. When she's not working full-time in the health care field as a nurse, she can be found doing laundry, or pleading with a disinterested dishwasher to unload itself. She also solves world and work-related problems on her blogs Career & Kids [3] and Busy Mom [4] in her barely-existent spare time.

In the coming weeks, Sara, Elizabeth and I plan to tackle many of the same topics you probably discuss with your own co-workers around the watercooler, including the Monday morning back-to-work blues, setting up a good flex-time arrangement, making the most of women’s networks, and juggling after-school logistics from your desk in the office.

We plan to write about the trials and tribulations of working momdom about once a week, so check back here often.

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