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How to Find the Time for Time Off.

Every year, the personal days I plan to use to do at least one thing for myself seem to slip away as a day here or there taking care of minor emergencies as they come along. For example, I used the last three to do things like take the kids to the dentist and my mother to the doctor. On top of that, my husband and I always feel obligated to meet up with family during summer and winter vacations, which is nice, but can also be stressful. Net-net, at the end of every year, I never feel like I have used my vacation time as well as I could have. What’s the secret to booking a little R&R for me personally?


Finding the time to recharge your own batteries is one of the most common dilemmas, if not the most common, that working women face. It’s surprising how difficult it can be to carve out vacation time or personal days just for yourself or as a couple. The problem is, nobody sees enough of you (that includes your mother, mother-in-law, children, the dentist, friends, and even acquaintances), so given the opportunity, they will always clamor for more. The squeaky wheel always gets oiled and you’re not likely to really squeak at yourself, so it’s little wonder that others’ demands shape your vacations and personal days. Here are some thoughts on how to reclaim a little of that time for yourself.



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