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Presidential Primaries: the Ultimate Reality Show.

Boy, did the television networks luck out. Yes, the writer’s strike may have caused the demise of a few series, but really, who needs scripted tv when there’s a presidential primary going on? One week you’ve got Hillary and Barack stabbing each other in the back, and the next he’s pulling out her chair and she’s laughing at his silly jokes. I love seeing how their strategies change with every news cycle, it’s like watching an episode of Survivor. And on the Republican side, you’ve got Mitt, Mike and McCain trying to out-conservative each other, like a DC version of To Tell the Truth. Will the real Ronald Reagan please stand up? And then there’s poor John Edwards and Rudy Guiliani, sent home without a rose like rejects from The Bachelor. It’s so awesome. I am totally addicted.


Apparently, the rest of America is, too. Forget the Super Bowl, Super Tuesday is what everybody wants. I read on Friday that ABC is going to devote five hours of prime time on Tuesday night to Super Tuesday coverage. Five hours. They’re calling it Super Tuesday: Showdown from Coast to Coast. Looks like I’m not the only one who’s noticed that presidential politics are starting to feel like a reality show. And of course, Super Tuesday is the ultimate season finale. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I have not been this excited to learn of an outcome since the first season of American Idol. Who will America vote for????


Personally, I’ve decided to get behind Hillary. I finally made up my mind just yesterday, and I am not embarrassed to say that I actually cried about it, it was such a painful decision. I don’t love her, but I don’t hate her, either. I really agonized over this, because I think that she and Obama are both qualified, I think they’d both do a good job, and I believe that both of them really care about the country. I probably like him better as a person, but all other things being equal, for me, it comes down to the fact that Hillary is a woman, and I can’t bring myself to vote for a man when a woman is running for president. I just can’t. I always take my daughter with me whenever I vote in an election, and I don’t know how I could explain it to her – or even look her in the face – if I voted for Obama over Hillary. And so that’s it, I’m voting for Hillary.


But like all good reality programming, America will decide the winner. And like all good reality programming, it’s really hard to predict who that is going to be. The polls are no help – one day Obama’s on top, the next day it’s
Clinton – which just makes the lead up to Tuesday an even bigger cliffhanger. But the good news is – at least on the Democratic side – we have two great choices. If Obama ends up with the nomination, I know I’ll support him wholeheartedly, and I think most other Hillary fans will, too. And if Hillary ends up getting it, I’m pretty sure that most Democrats will rally behind her, and in a few months it’ll be Barack who? All of which just proves what we already know from watching Project Runway; in politics, as in fashion, one day you’re in, and the next day, you’re out.


Auf Wiedersehen.



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