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Expert Tips: Preparing for Baby.

by Melissa Gould & Ellie Miller



Another day at work. You’re sitting at your computer finishing a report but instead of checking your facts online, you’re perusing your favorite baby sites. The work that should have taken five minutes has been put on hold. There’s a stroller sale on one site, a diaper debate on another and suddenly everyone in the conference room is wondering why you’re late, again. What pregnant, working woman hasn’t lived some variation of this same story?

When we were pregnant, juggling our hectic work schedules with doctor appointments and baby prep, took its toll. We weren’t managing our time so much as managing to drive ourselves, and our husbands, crazy.

So for all of you out there with bulging bellies and demanding jobs, here’s The Baby Planners “Wish List” that we hope will make your pregnancy experience a little more enjoyable:



We Wish We Would Have:

Paced Ourselves. Waiting until the third trimester to paint the nursery, find a pediatrician, and re-organize the garage was probably not the best idea.



Realized That We Didn’t Need To Buy Everything At Once. Six hours in a baby super store with swollen feet and the need to pee every five minutes could have been prevented. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the perfect nursery!



Known That We Could Have Registered At More Than One Baby Store. Why limit yourself when there are so many fabulous products out there? Basics are one thing (stroller, crib, high chair) but we say take your time. Enjoy the boutiques, cruise the internet, there are some great finds out there and why not give yourself (and your friends and family) some options.



Taken people up on their offers to help. “Yes, you can pick up breakfast for me on your way in to the office.” “Yes, you can pet-sit my cat/dog/fish so my partner and I can get away for a weekend before baby comes.” “Yes, you can organize my garage, thank you very much.” (see how helpful that one would have been!)



Cooked meals ahead of time. Once baby arrives, all meal planning is thrown out the window. A lasagna in the freezer would have been delicious – even for breakfast.



Stocked Up On Diapers and Wipes. No matter how well you think you’re prepared for this fact, babies poop. And poop. And poop again some more. You can never have enough diapers. Wipes come in handy, too. Nothing’s worse than finding just one diaper left in the package at 2am!



Splurged On the Diaper Bag. Why settle for the one they send you home from the hospital with? With everything else for baby, let the diaper bag be for you. It’s going to be your constant companion. From Prada to Petunia, we say go crazy!



Taken More Pregnancy Pictures. No need for fancy photogs! Your baby, and even you, will one day want to see how your tummy grew.



Used All Those Sick Days and Vacation Days.
Think you’re time starved now? Wait until baby comes. Movies, lunch with your closest friends, heck, even doctor appointments followed by a trip to the spa (why not?!) will soon be a thing of the past. Barring any work “emergencies” try to find some time where a day or two off will do wonders for your days “on” at the office.



One Last Wish....
Looking back at those nine months, we wish we handled our respective pregnancies less like work with looming deadlines and tasks to cross off the list. Of course it was joyous and thrilling but the idea of getting things done sometimes got in the way of the whole beautiful experience. Take your time. Breathe deep. The nursery will be beautiful, the birth announcements will be sent, and you’ll find a stroller that you absolutely love.


Melissa Gould and Ellie Miller are The Baby Planners™, Los Angeles’ premiere baby planning service, offering nationwide phone and email consultations as well as personal concierge service. They've been featured on the Rachael Ray Show, In The Loop with iVillage and in Pregnancy Magazine. They can be found at www.thebabyplanners.com [1].



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