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Stuck in the 1950s?

A new essay in The Nation [1]  argues that America is in the middle of a "care crisis," and that it's putting immense pressure on working women because government entities and U.S. businesses have failed to enact policies that help families to care for their sick or needy members, and don't offer affordable childcare services. These are not private concerns, author Ruth Rosen said, they're political ones. ". . . America's working women feel burdened and exhausted, desperate for sleep and leisure, but they have made few collective protests for government-funded childcare or family-friendly workplace policies," Rosen wrote in the article "Why Working Women Are Stuck in the 1950s." "As American corporations compete for profits through layoffs and outsourcing, most workers hesitate to make waves for fear of losing their jobs . . . Most institutions, in fact, have not implemented policies that support family life. As a result, many women do feel compelled to choose between work and family."

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