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Resolution Realism.

OK, I don't want to sound like a cliche here, but how the heck can I keep myself on track with my New Years Resolutions? Every year, I say, "this is the year I'm going to stick to my goals." And every year they fall to the wayside sometime around mid-January. Any advice for some additional motivation?




We know exactly where youre coming from. If we had a nickel for every dropped resolution, we'd have a whole lot of nickels. With years and years of abandoned lists to learn from, weve realized it's time to come up with a new strategy. So this year, we're advising that you kick it up a bit.




Option #1
: Go out and get a bunch of magazines with imagery that is likely to help you visualize your goals in a number of different areas: home, vacations, career, parenting, spirituality, health. From now until the end of the year - cut out images that represent your goals for the year (and really the next 3-5 years). Then, the last week in December - that one week when there's somewhat of a lull- put together a small photo album for yourself that brings to life each area. That way, you'll have physical reminders of what you want to be that you can look at during the course of the year when it's all too easy to lose sight of the big picture. If you're married and/or have a significant other, be sure to do it together.




Option #2
: From years of experience, we can report that those general resolutions are the least successful. Lose weight. Get in shape. Learn to speak Spanish (That ones been on our list for years!) This year, don't just get specific with your goals, schedule them. Say you want to lose weight. Before the New Year, buy yourself a 2008 calendar, and start scheduling days you'll go to the gym. Mark on the calendar weigh in days, along with your target weight. Do this for the first few months of the year so you'll have not only specific goals to reach, but by the time it reaches March or April, youll have established a pattern that will carry you through the rest of the year. Youll be lighter (or in our case, muy fluent) in no time.



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