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Breastfeeding and the Workplace

Two news articles this past week focused on the challenges of new moms who return to work and attempt to continue expressing their breastmilk on the job.
"Breastfeeding at work - could there be a more uncomfortable topic?" Associated Press writer Sheila Norman-Culp [1] asked. Her piece profiled women who were determined to find private places to pump their milk at work, no matter how socially uncomfortable it sometimes was.
Another Associated Press [2] article featured the authors of the book "Milk Memos," a collection of stories written in a journal from women who nursed in closets and other locations at work while trying to pump their breast milk. "The authors used their
original journal entries to impart some of the angst, problem solving and humor during their first year at the office after maternity leave," the article said. (April 2007)

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