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Studies Say Moms and Dads Want the Same Things

Citing numerous recent studies, the New York Times [1] ran a piece arguing that while moms and dads may parent differently, they’re looking for similar things when it comes to family and work. "The evidence overwhelmingly shows an ongoing shift toward what we call ‘gender convergence,’ an ever-increasing similarity in how men and women live and what they want from their lives," the Times quoted two scholars who conducted an in-depth study on families and work as saying. Among the findings listed in the Times piece were: Increasing numbers of men said they feel a "tension between family and work life, even if their wives stayed home." "Generation X fathers spent more time with their children than did baby boom fathers, and . . . both sexes aspired to the same ideal: ‘a balance between work and family.’" However the article quoted a scholar saying, that "many more women than men take time off to care of their children." (June 2007)

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