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Medical Board Tells Nursing Mom No Special Breaks

The mother of a newborn who said she needs to express her breastmilk every two to three hours, has been told that she will not be afforded time during a nine-hour medical residency test to express her milk because breastfeeding doesn’t qualify as a disability, according to the Boston Globe [1]. The National Board of Medical Examiners’ manager of disability services told the newspaper that: “Since the general testing room is shared by multiple examinees, the use of a breast pump inside the testing room during the examination would be disruptive to other examinees and is not permitted. Furthermore, the testing rooms do not provide privacy since they are visually monitored.” The chairwoman of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ breastfeeding division called the decision “possibly letter-accurate, but totally inhumane and insensitive.” (July 2007)

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