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Work/Life Math Isn't Adding Up.

Help. I'm constantly in the doghouse with friends and family because I get lost in the vortex and struggle to stay in touch reliably. What's the most effective way to stay in touch given a plate that is so full?


One of the most difficult aspects of juggling professional (including professional moms) and personal lives is wrapping your head, not to mention your schedule, around the concept of balance. The new math of work/life seems to produce a solution to the equation [AH (available hours) FFWork (fire fighting at work) FFHome (fire fighting at home) - QT (some quality time with your spouse and children)] that always equals negative 8.


We completely understand - it's not that you don't want to reach out to your loved ones to chat, but when you have so much on your plate, if it's not scheduled, the fifteen other fires that are burning will inevitably end up consuming you, and before you know it, you look up and it's time to (a) make dinner, (b) rush to your next meeting, or (c) collapse into bed. Here are some simple tips for reclaiming a bit of time for spontaneous catch-up conversations with good friends and family members.


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