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Show Me The Money.

By Christina Michael


After my six-year hiatus to raise my two sons, I am now attempting to on-ramp. So many people have asked me the “million dollar” question: “Why are you going back?” Hmm. What a difficult question with absolutely no simple answer.


Even if you are a Rockefeller, raising a family this day in age is costly. When it costs three dollars for a latte and $10 to $20 per hour for a babysitter, it is difficult for anyone to save money for college, housing, cars, and even a “date night” here and there (even if it is just two burritos ($10), two movie tickets ($20), and a babysitter (at least $60)). Thus, the reason I began trying to “on ramp” was to “Show Me the Money.” Or so I thought.




In my attempt to on ramp under the guise of making a little more money, I learned that it was for far more than the money. I am a well-educated, professional woman that has so much to offer society and to contribute to the economy (both the

US economy and my household economy). In addition, on-ramping perhaps will equalize the “playing field” in my house. It has become a little bit tiring for me to pause before each purchase, both big and small, because I do not work (yea, right, raising two little boys is not “work”). Also, because I have not earned a paycheck for six years, I have made many of my purchases secondary to everyone else’s in my family. So maybe making money, even if it is not a lot, will have the positive effect of letting me feel more entitled to buy things for myself and will equalize the playing field.




Last, but certainly not least, I know that, if my mom were still alive, she would be so very proud of me if I chose to go back to work. Whether it was when I was practicing law, or when I was growing up with one of my many odd jobs (camp counselor, babysitter, flower sales person, pasta maker at the local Italian restaurant, dental assistant, restaurant hostess, and caterer, to name a few), my mom was always beaming with joy about me and for me. My sisters and I were living her dream of being independent, smart, tough, hardworking, and effective women. Writing this even makes me more excited, alive, and happy about my journey to the on ramp.




Just then, reality suddenly stops me in my tracks. I have no job yet. I have no paycheck yet. I have no childcare in place yet. I am so far from contributing to any economy. Oh, boy, it seems as if I have a lot more work to do to find a job opportunity. Hopefully, I will be presented with an amazing opportunity (part time, flexible, and well-paying) or any opportunity (even full time, below my skill level, and making less money than I used to make). But, of this I am sure: I will find AN opportunity. And now it’s time for me to get back to my desk and do whatever it takes to “Show Me the Money”, to equalize the playing field, and to be the independent, smart, tough, hardworking, and effective woman that I was raised to be.

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