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Kid Leashes

The practice of tethering young children with kid leashes is certainly controversial - are the harnesses an example of extreme parenting or an effective safety measure?


A New York City psychologist and mother told ABC News [1] that she uses a harness even though she “felt a little funny about it” and has been on the receiving end of concerned glances and comments.


However the safety of her child trumped her social discomfort she said adding, “My daughter was walking freely she felt like she had freedom, but I felt like she was safe.”


[Read "Should Leashes be Used on Children?"] [2]


The ABC report elicited commentary from a columnist at The Globe and Mail whose essay, accompanied by a photo of a child being walked by an adult alongside a dog, suggested that, “The question we should be asking is not ‘to leash or not to leash’ . . . but rather to ‘poke or not to poke’ - your nose into other parents’ business.”


“This easier-than-it-sounds mantra, to ‘live and let live,’ can be found at the crux of most parenting debates these days,” writer Courtney Shea continued. “The recent . . . storm over the Timemagazine article on breastfeeding and attachment parenting comes to mind.”


The New York mom who uses a harness with her child concurred, telling ABC: “I think the solution here is that parents shouldn’t judge other parents. They shouldn’t be concerned about what other people are doing unless a child is actually harmed.”


What do you think about kid leashes? Do you know anyone who uses them? 

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