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Anti-Family Airline Fees?

Planning any summer vacations that involve air travel?


If you want to sit with your kids on the flight, be prepared to fork over some extra cash for the privilege.


Several major airlines - including Delta, American and US Airways - have started charging more for window and aisle seats, meaning families will have to pay more to sit together.


Passengers who want to sit next to a spouse, child or friend will have to shell out upwards of $25 each way.


And as if that wasn't headache enough, United Airlines announced last month that they will no longer let families with small children board early.


The new policy is an effort to "simplify the boarding process and to reduce the overall number of boarding groups," United spokesman Charles Hobart told USA Today.


While it may make the boarding process easier for some, one thing is for sure - the new rules certainly won't make any easier to travel with kids.


What do you think? Will the new fees and regulations impact whether or not you choose to fly or drive on your next vacation?

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