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TSA Apologizes to Mom

The latest in a series of incidents involving the Transportation Security Authority (TSA) agents searching and questioning people at the nation’s airports comes a new shocking story from Hawaii.


A school vice principal and mother of four who was asked to prove [1] that her breast pump was really a breast pump after an agent’s suspicions were aroused by the empty bottles she was carrying along with an ice pack.


The mother told the Today Show that if she wanted to board the airplane with her breast pump she had to prove to the TSA agent that pump worked by going someplace to express her breast milk with it and then show him a bottle filled with her milk.


She was directed to the women’s room where her only option was to plug the machine into an electrical outlet next to the sinks. “I had to stand at the sink in my heels and dress pumping as travelers came and went,” the woman said.

In a statement, the TSA later said, “The passenger has contacted us with her concerns and we accept responsibility for the apparent misunderstanding and any inconvenience or embarrassment this incident may have caused her.”


The TSA website [2] makes no mention of breast pumps but notes that empty bottles are allowed on planes.


What would you have done in her shoes? Do you get embarrassed when agents search through your personal effects?

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