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Based On The Book By . . .

Well, the show aired. Thank God. Thanks to everyone who watched, and to everyone who sent me e-mails and posted comments about it. I’ll tell you, people have come out of the woodwork! In a good way, though. I’ve heard from lots of old friends, and people I haven’t talked to in years and years, which is really nice, and I love it. So if anyone else feels like getting in touch with me, yes, I am that Risa, from Upper Dublin High School.

Anyway, I was biting my nails until ten o’clock last night, just waiting for the phone to ring and for someone to tell me that, oops, sorry, the show’s being moved one more time. I was nervous all day – the weather yesterday was freaky in LA (and other places, too, I heard). There was an insane amount of wind; I was shopping at an outdoor mall at lunchtime, trying to find a top to wear to the screening party, and the wind was so strong it actually shattered a glass door at Bloomingdales. And then the power was out all over the city, and there were fires in Beverly Hills…I even called the bar where we were having the screening to make sure that they had power, because I could just envision us showing up to a pitch black place, holding bags filled with the five dozen cupcakes that my husband bought and not knowing what to do. It was just so the kind of thing that would happen to me. And when I heard about the power outages back east, all I could think about was that Entourage episode where the box office numbers for Aquaman were so low because of the rolling blackouts, and I kept wondering how many Neilson families were without power around the country and whether the network would factor that into the ratings…

But anyway, the bar had power. What they didn’t have, however, was High Definition, because the wind had knocked out the satellite connection, so they had to use the local feed. The manager was a little upset about it, because apparently the local feed is not formatted properly for huge screens like the one at the bar, and it chops off the very top and very bottom of the images projected. But I didn’t care. No big deal, I told him. If we don’t see the top of someone’s hair or the bottom of their pants, I think we’ll survive. I was just so happy that they had power, I wouldn’t have cared if we’d had to watch it on a twelve inch black and white.

I was anxious about seeing it, though. I mean, I’ve seen it a million times, but I’d never seen the actual final cut with all of the credits and everything, and I definitely had some butterflies in my stomach at the thought of seeing my name up there – “Based on the book by Risa Green.” It just felt surreal, and I was having a hard time imagining it. And then the opening sequence was SO LONG. It was like, half the show before they broke for the first commercial, and then, finally it came back, and there were the credits, right at the bottom of the screen. Did you get that? Right at the bottom of the screen. Which was cut off, because we didn’t have the High Def feed, because the weather was so freaky yesterday. So when my credit ran, this is what I and fifty of my closest friends saw:

Based on the book by

I have to admit, it was pretty hilarious. In fact, I think that got a bigger laugh than any of the jokes in either episode. And so it looks like I’m going to have to wait another week to see my name on television after all. But then again, with the way things have gone, I can’t really think of a more fitting ending.

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