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Should Parents Get Curriculum Veto?

Not crazy about that book your child's teacher assigned? Don't agree with a particular science lesson?  In New Hampshire, you can get it tossed - providing you pay the costs of coming up with a different lesson plan.


That's right - in a state with the motto "Live Free or Die," parents get a curriculum veto. 


A new state law in New Hampshire says that parents can opt their children out of an objectionable curriculum, provided they cover the costs associated with the modification, the Eagle Tribune reported [1].


In overriding the governor’s veto, New Hampshire legislators passed the law which will empower parents “to object to any material their child is learning,” according to the local Fox TV affiliate [2] said.


While news reports depict parents as happy with this new policy, some school officials are balking because they say it’ll be chaotic if multiple parents of students in the same classroom all want different lessons. “. . . [T]he new law is so broad, school officials said they are not sure how they should draft their policies,” the Tribune said. “They are also concerned that complying with the law could become an administrative nightmare.”


One school superintendent told the newspaper, “If you look at it, it could create major problems . . . anyone can object to anything for any reason.”


What do you think? Should parents be able to veto certain school curriculum, or is the law paving the way for major problems?

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