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Modern Family's Cursing Controversy

Most parents have had to deal with the embarrassment of a young child repeating a "bad word" or taboo phrase because it elicits a reaction.


But when ABC's hit comedy Modern Family [1] played this scenario out with toddler Lily - having her parents argue about the best way to deal with her pint-sized profanity, which sent one of her dads into gales of laughter - they also got quite the reaction!


Controversy flared following last night's episode, as some critics thought it outrageous to have the toddler appear to curse because her dialog was bleeped out to make it look like she said the F-word.


The Parents Television Council heard about it and released a condemnatory statement saying, “It’s not suitable language for a child that young in the real world, and it’s not suitable language for a child that young on television either,” E! reported. Brigham Young University's “No Cussing Club” chimed in via a Facebook page [2] urging ABC not to air the “Little Bo Bleep” episode.


Would it help to know that the scene was quite literally "fudged?"


The actor who plays Lily’s dad Mitchell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, told E! that when they were filming the scenes, the young actress, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, “did not actually say the F-word on the show. We said the very innocent word fudge, but people are all up in arms about that. This is not child abuse . . . We’re not making her cuss.”


What do you think? Did Modern Family cross the line?

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