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The One O'Clock Baby Shower

I went to a baby shower today at one o’clock, and there were about thirty women there, all of whom have children under the age of five, save for three holdouts who haven’t yet caved under the pressure. None of this would be unusual, of course, except for the fact that today is a Thursday. And in light of that fact, I think that there are a few obvious questions here that need to be asked: 1) Who has a baby shower on a Thursday at one o’clock? 2) Who can go to a baby shower on a Thursday at one o’clock? And 3) Do people anywhere in the country besides Los Angeles have baby showers on a Thursday at one o’clock? I mean, really.

I happened to be sitting next to one of the holdouts, who, not surprisingly, wasn’t all that familiar with the ways of Mommyland. We chatted for a few minutes, and when she learned that I do, in fact, work for a living, she lowered her voice and asked me if it was normal for people to be having a shower on a Thursday at one o’clock, to which I replied, “no.” But as the two of us looked around the room, we both realized that out of the thirty or so women there, only four of us actually had jobs. The other twenty-six are full-time moms, with full-time nannies. Which I think pretty much answers questions 2 and 3. But that was when it hit me that I really do straddle two very different worlds. You see, three days out of the week, I’m a stay-at-home mom. I pick my daughter up from school, I go to music classes with my son, I make lunches and do art projects and hang out at the park. But on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’m a part of the working world. I put on heels, I leave in the morning, and I don’t get home until six o’clock. And being on both sides of the aisle, it makes it hard sometimes to figure out where I belong, and really hard to figure out who to make fun of. Because while the holdout and I sat there and complained about how we needed to get back to work and couldn’t just sit around eating scones for three hours in the middle of the day, I knew that if it had been a Wednesday, I might not have been in such a rush to leave. And sometimes, when I’m with other moms at a playdate, I can’t fully enjoy the bitch sessions about how hard it is to stay home with the kids, and how much I wish that I could just go sit in an office for eight hours, if only to get some peace and quiet. And let me tell you, as someone whose two favorite activities are bitching and making fun of people, I have to say, it makes for quite the dilemma.

P.S. An update on Seashell II (really Seashell III, though Harper doesn’t know that). Turns out I killed Seashell II because I cleaned the tank with soap, which, apparently, is poisonous to fish. Go figure. But Seashell III (who Harper thinks is Seashell II) is alive and well. In fact, just this evening, before Harper went to bed, she checked in on poor little Seashell and announced, “I’m sure glad that Seashell didn’t die today, mommy!” Ah, the little things

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