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Raising Boys the Ron Swanson Way

Babble blogger Ron Mattocks paid homage [1] to the fictional Parks and Recreation character Ron Swanson - a brusque, take-no-prisoners, mustachioed fellow who is wont to offer “straightforward” and “genius” advice to boys about how to grow up to be a man. 

In fact, the Babble writer took some of the “maxims on life” that the character offered to his youth basketball team during one episode of Amy Poehler’s NBC comedy, and transformed them into a “Ron Swanson Guide to Raising Boys.”

Some of the character’s nuggets of wisdom for boys that Mattocks highlighted include:

“Handshakes: Firm. Dry. Solid. Three seconds.”

“Friends: One to three is sufficient.”

“Intensity: Give 100%. 110% is impossible. Only idiots recommend that.”

Mattock concluded his post with this, “To my three songs, heed these words. And to Ron Swanson, God bless you, you magnificent man.” 

What are your favorite Swanson-isms?

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