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School Bans "Party" T-Shirts

We've heard of kids feeling left out because they're not wearing the right designer brands or the latest styles, but it looks like the newest way to show off status is with "party T-shirts" - T-shirts and other paraphernalia from events like "Maggie’s 10th birthday party" or "Brian’s Bar Mitzvah."


In fact, in one Massachusetts town, school officials have gone so far as to make a new clothing policy - asking parents to put the kibosh on wearing those types of items to school. They say that wearing the garb “leads to other kids feeling excluded and reminded they were not included in the festivities,” reported the Boston Fox News affiliate [1]. 


In a letter sent to Newton students’ parents, the Oak Hill Middle School Council explained the growing trend phenomenon that its members have observed and how it affects students:


“On many Monday mornings, students stream into the building, and other students begin to notice that they are not among a particular group. There is a group (or groups) of students who are wearing the same colorful article of clothing - a T-shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants or leggings. Upon closer inspection, you can see the name of a student clearly labeled on the clothing honoring a celebration that took place over the weekend.”


Why is this a bad thing?


“While the students wearing the labeled clothing are all chatting excitedly about their weekend experiences, the students who aren’t wearing the same clothing tend to walk by, trying not to take notice while being reminded that they were not included in the festivities.”


The Oak Hill Middle School principal, Eva Thompson, told a local Newton news outlet [2], “. . . We’re trying to be as inclusive as possible.”


Therefore the council, in the name of “community spirit” asked students to “refrain from wearing clothing that identifies a weekend celebration marked with a student name.”


What do you think? Are party T-shirts harmless or hurtful?

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