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Moms Get More Stressed Over Multitasking

For moms, multitasking equals stress. For dads, not so much.


A new study [1] in the American Sociological Review looked at mothers and fathers and multitasking and found that for the women, juggling more than one task at a time is more stressful than it is for the men.


“We find that mothers spend 10 more hours a week multitasking compared to fathers and that these additional hours are mainly related to time spent on housework and childcare,” the study’s authors wrote. “For mothers, multitasking activities at home and in public are associated with an increase in negative emotions, stress, psychological distress and work-family conflict. By contrast, fathers’ multitasking at home involves less housework and childcare and is not a negative experience.”


Why does multitasking affect women differently than men?


“At home and in public are the environments in which most household- and childcare-related tasks take place, and mothers’ activities in these settings are highly visible to other people,” one of the authors said in a press release [2].


“Therefore, their ability to fulfill their role as good mothers can be easily judged and criticized when they multitask in these contexts, making it a more stressful and negative experience for them than for fathers.”

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