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Moms and Sleep Meds


Mothers are rolling around sleepless across America, vexed and worried as they mentally scroll through their massive To-Do lists in the wee hours of the morning, growing still wearier with each passing night of sleep deprivation. 


A growing number of women are turning to sleeping pills and/or anti-anxiety medication as a solution, reported the New York Times [1].


The National Sleep Foundation has found that nearly 3 in 10 American women admit to using some kind of sleep aid at least a few nights a week, and according to the article, more than 15 million women were prescribed sleeping pills last year.


Writing in the blog Mommyish [2], Shawna Cohen asked, “Not to be all cynical but, uh, this is news to us? Any mom can tell you about sleepless nights. Hell, you don’t even need to have a baby to be sleep-deprived; pregnancy alone will usually do the trick.”


Cohen added: “If you ask me, women in general are stressed out trying to balance demanding careers with social/family life. Add children into the equation and, well, who has time to sleep?”


Journalist Shannon Kelley echoed these sentiments on Open Salon [3]. “In a word: Unshocking.” “My question is, how is it that men aren’t similarly affected,’ Kelley asked pondering whether the issue of sufficient sleep is a “feminist” issue.


What do you think? Do moms seem to have more have trouble sleeping?


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