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Shortcut Holiday Card Hell.

Tracy B. McGinnis


We may not get to see our friends as often as we’d like, but there is one time of year when everyone gets the chance to see us, and put us on display in their homes - the annual holiday photo card. Get ahead of the holiday rush, and put your best face forward by checking out sites like Mango Ink, [1] where you’ll find a catalog of unique and inspiring greetings to send loved ones.



Getting Your Best Shot


If the words “time to schedule your holiday portraits” conjures up images of creepy photographers, harsh lighting, and snow covered backdrops, perhaps it’s time to stop trying to survive the line to pose with Santa, and put your digital camera to use.


With everyone comparing pixels sizes, and easy to use computer software, you can create a unique holiday photo worthy of being displayed well beyond the holiday season. And let’s be candid - those pictures you receive every year with the kids glued to the living room floor in front of a blazing fire adored in holiday accoutrements - they’re boring. Not to mention convey little about what your family has been up since last holiday season.


Get creative in 2007, and make your photos stand out.







Between now and November 30, 2007, Mango Ink [2] is offering Mommy Track’d readers a 10% off discount on holiday and new years cards. Use the code: holidaymommy at checkout. We challenge you to use the discount before the deal expires. What a nice holiday gift to yourself to cross that one off the list early.


Additional Holiday Card Resources We Love:

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Our final thought. If you don't get your act together to get cards out before the end of the year, fear not. Our favorite over-extended working mom solution? Break tradition -- send a New Year's Card instead.


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