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Facebook, Kids & Privacy

How social-media savvy is your tween? The answer might surprise you!


According to a recent survey from Consumer Reports, over 7.5 million children ages 12 and younger are on Facebook [1] - including 5 million under the age of 10 - despite the fact that federal law bars web sites from collecting personal data about kids under 13 without permission from their parents.


But Facebook has challenged this law and increased its lobbying efforts so it can “build brand loyalty that might transcend the next social-media trend. And crucially, signing up kids early can accustom them to ‘sharing’ with the big audiences that are at their small fingertips,” reported the New York Times Magazine [2].


Among the concerns writer Emily Bazelton said people have with young people’s use of Facebook is the fact that they don’t tend to change the default settings which allow “basic personal information (names, networks, photos) to be public, while posts are shared with Facebook friends and also the friends of those friends.”


Meanwhile, a federal bill called “Do Not Track Kids,” that “would bar web sites outright from using kids’ data to target ads to them until they are 17,” has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives and has bipartisan support, Bazelton reported.


What do you think? At what age should kids be allowed to sign up for a Facebook account?


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