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First Slow Food, Now Slow Families?

You’ve heard of "slow food," but how about "slow families?"


Challenging the current norm of hyper-busy families who hustle their children from one activity or sport to another, USA Today [1] reported that there’s a growing “Slow Family” movement which puts a premium on spending time together as a family and bonding in order to forge close ties that’ll endure in the long haul.


The “co-founder” of the Slow Family [2] movement, Bernadette Noll, told the paper: “When we ask people what they want their family to look like 10 or 20 years from now, pretty much across the board people say they want there to be communication, connections and a tight relationship. But the thing is, you need to be building that relationship now, when everybody’s under the same roof.”


Over on the Slow Family Living web site, which Noll founded with Carrie Contey, they say the movement was born out of “our desire to help families and individuals find ways to slow things down, not with a recipe or a prescription, but rather by questioning how things are going, and finding ways that work for them. It is our biggest intention to help families find ways to slow things down, connect and enjoy life together.”


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