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Best Cities For Working Moms

Which city is the best place for working moms to live?


According to the list-masters over at ForbesWoman, it's Buffalo, New York!


The magazine [1] cited healthy employment levels, “lower than average crime rates,” the highest per student expenditures “of any city on our list” as well as a “low cost of living” as among the myriad reasons for Buffalo’s success.


"It’s clear Buffalo is an attractive locale for savvy working mothers,” noted the article, citing a financial planner who says “there is also an uptick in female entrepreneurs in the area.”


The rankings were based on several different factors: "It takes much more than a steady paycheck and healthy employment rate to land a city on our list. Safety, healthcare and education rank high on a working mother’s list of priorities.”


Here's the full list - The Top 10 Best Cities for Working Mothers


1. Buffalo, New York


2. Columbus, Ohio


3. Hartford, Connecticut


4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


5. Virginia Beach/Newport News, Virginia


6. Milwaukee, Wisconsin


7. Richmond, Virginia


8. Boston, Massachusetts


9. Washington, D.C. area


10. Cleveland, Ohio


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