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‘Hey Mom! My Teacher Gave You an F for Parenting!’

Hey Mom! My Teacher Gave You an F for Parenting!’ Among the new policies that school districts and state legislatures are attempting to implement in order to bolster parental involvement in their children’s education, a Florida state representative wants to have teachers grade parents on things such as whether they communicate with teachers and if their child shows up to school dressed correctly, well fed and armed with the correct supplies and completed assignments, the New York Times reported.


“Teachers were telling us: ‘We can only do so much in the classroom,’” Rep. Kelli Stargel told the Times. “We have no control over what happens with these kids at home.”
Meanwhile, an Indiana state legislator, in an attempt to better students’ academic performance, has introduced a bill “requiring parents to spend three hours each semester volunteering either in the school building or at a school-related function,” the Times reported. “. . . The purpose, she said, was to increase parent-teacher interaction, giving teachers a chance to talk to parents and giving parents a better sense of the rhythms and requirements of the school.” (May 2011)

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